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GPS ENCAPSULATOR  Are YOU tired of having your 👉$100.00👈GPS DATA Analyzer flying out of your RC during an 💥EXPLOSIVE WRECK💥 ⁉️ Then BUY THIS and be DONE with it‼️ Painstakingly handcrafted using only the FINEST equipment and materials 😜 yeah GUY it's just a TPU filament melted with a 3D printer and designed in CAD to produce only the Finest Highest Quality product available to man and machine on this God forsaken Earth . . . well you could be a woman too but yeah whatever 🤣😂 ONLY AVAILABLE IN GREEN ‼️well that's really not the case anymore 🤣 That's it NO Frills NO Starbucks Special Coffee Drinks HERE🤣 Just a MEAN piece of flexible plastic that's better than ANYTHING you've ever seen. And that GUARANTEE is ON THE BOX‼️ WATCH THIS VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND (GPS NOT INCLUDED) As if I REALLY had to say that🤪

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Made from only the finest materials and workmanship. Melted TPU Strong but FLEXABLE. For install CLICK the TIPS button

Install TIPS

It is recommended to swap front m4x25mm screws to rear location and install 2@ m4x30-35mm screws at front mount to maximize installation. (Save m4x16)


Thats your choice 👍